Labtic Digital Marketing Agency: Unveiling My Journey of Self-Discovery and Growth

In today's fast pace, digital marketing is a potential tool for businesses to grow. As a future marketer, I had the opportunity to join Labtic Digital Marketing Agency, where I learned digital marketing and worked simultaneously on customer projects. This hybrid environment offered me the perfect blend of practical experience, creative exploration, and personal growth. I will share what I gained and lost at Labtic in this blog. 

What I got

Practical experiences

Labtic differs from a traditional classroom, where the teacher is on the board, and the students listen. Putting students in the center and letting them exchange knowledge on their own under advisors' guidance is the way of learning that helps improve my self-discipline and realize what I lack.

This innovative way of learning has allowed me to work directly with real clients. This hands-on experience was a game changer, allowing me to apply marketing theory to real-world situations. Each project will enable me to see my efforts and improvement areas. Collaborating with clients from different industries, I had to educate myself and tailor my skills to meet specific client requirements.

Sparking Creativity 

Creativity is the lifeblood of marketing. The dynamic environment at Labtic has encouraged me to think outside the box and push the boundaries of conventional marketing activities. With different client requirements, I am inspired to explore new ideas and experiment with different approaches to meet client needs while making the project stand out. The agency's emphasis on creativity also sparked a new passion for creative problem-solving.

Broadening Horizon 

As a marketing agency, Labtic serves clients from diverse industries, providing a great platform to expand my horizon. Before joining Labtic, I settled on creating content for social media. However, by joining Labtic, I stepped out of my comfort zone by implementing a growth hacking project and designing websites for an e-commerce project – things I was unfamiliar with before. Furthermore, each project has obstacles and requires a deep understanding of market segments. As a result, I gain valuable insights into different industries, their consumer behaviors, and market trends. Labtic is a gateway to discovering new marketing majors and broadening my career horizon.

What I lost 


Before I knew about Labtic, I questioned whether the marketing industry had a place for me. Joining Labtic is an opportunity to see how well I do in this field.
My self-doubt had subsided through the positive impact of my work. The support from advisors and team members at the agency played a vital role in nurturing my confidence and self-belief. I learned to trust myself, take risks, and embrace challenges with a passion for learning and growing. With clients and advisors approving my team's final project presentations, I developed self-assurance, which is invaluable for me, professionally and personally.

The time at Labtic was a transformative chapter in my marketing journey. Working with real clients, embracing creativity, and engaging with industry experts gave me invaluable experiences, broadened my horizon, and unlocked my confidence. The agency's innovative approach to learning provided me with a solid foundation for success in the ever-changing digital marketing landscape. Labtic has equipped me with the skills necessary to embrace challenges with self-belief. I am grateful for the growth, opportunities, and connections I made at Labtic.

Author Uyen Nguyen studied at Labtic Digital Marketing Agency in spring 2023.
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